Need Bio-Toilet?Untreated waste is responsible for several diseases

We are the leading maintainer of Bio Toilets in India. The product is used extensively by Indian Railways in Coaches. Human waste disposal in innocuous form is an ever growing problem leading to aesthetic nuisance, threat of organic pollution & several infectious diseases in epidemic proportions due to contamination of ground water and drinking water resources in highly populated and developing countries, like India. Less than 30% of Indians have access to the toilets. In rural areas about 10% of houses have toilets and rest of the people go to open defecation.

Population in the cities although have better access to the toilets but only to the tune of ~70%. Untreated waste is responsible for several diseases like, dysentery, diarrhoea, amoebiasis, viral hepatitis, cholera, typhoid etc. taking the life of lakhs of children annually. This problem is magnified in the context of Indian Railways were disposal is on tracks.


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