Pest ManagementNeed pest management services?

We provide Comprehensive Pest Controls Treatments against Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Rodents, Termites, Birds and even Snakes utilizing our revolutionary and patented products which have been either developed in house or hand-picked by experts from all over the world. Our team is lead by experienced entomologists & ornithologists, trained at the best institutes in India and abroad and have over five decades of experience in this field.

Our customers, in India, over 2000 by now, have used our Products & Services and majority of them have issued us efficiency/performance certificates with regards to the effectiveness of our product against pests in their respective installations. We guarantee that our products shall eradicate the entire pest menace at the sites treated by us, whether it be manufacturing sheds, storage areas, Godowns, or Office.


We Provide Environment Friendly Solutions